Official FEMA
Letter Of Map Admendment - Out As Shown (LOMA-OAS)
Flood Plain List

August 29, 2008 FEMA list of structures
not located in the Special Flood Hazard Area.


Sun City Center Press Release (9/5/08) - READ FIRST!

Hillsborough County press release (6/18/08)

The official FEMA list is in a hodge-podge order. The following cross-reference list by street name gives the page and line number of the address in the FEMA list. The page numbering starts with the first page of addresses - not the FEMA cover letter. Kings Point information is not included in any of these listings since the land is communally owned and flood insurance has already been bought for the few affected properties.

Note that this FEMA list does not include those structures that are in the flood plain.

Cross-reference to Official FEMA list

Official FEMA LOMA-OAS flood plain list

Unofficial list of Structures in the flood plain

View your own property's flood plain map...

To view your own property's flood plain map, click here and enter your address (number and street name only without "st", "ave", "ct", "blvd", etc.), click on "Process", click on "Get Information", and your property will be displayed after a few seconds. If the red-hatch, which is the flood plain area, touches you house, the flood-plain gods have not looked upon you with favor. An "X" rating is good. Properties that abut a lake will typically have both an "A" designation down near the seawall and "X" for the structure which would then be designated as "Out As Shown".


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