Are Federal Anti-Terrorism Laws Being Violated by the County's Mandating Residential Double Check Valves?

This web page is specifically directed to federal officials and military officers who are concerned with homegrown terrorist threats that will bring harm to the United States.

This webpage presupposes that you have already looked at the "How To Contaminate..." and the "Statements of Government Officials" webpages.

Before 9-11, there were federal analysts who warned their superiors about the potential of terrorists commandeering passenger planes and flying them into skyscrapers. Unfortunately, their warnings were ignored. The events of 9-11 dramatically changed the government's viewpoint about domestic terrorism. The frequency of high-profile acts of terrorism is increasing.

Terrorists' over-pressuring 55 gallons of chemicals or bio-toxins into a community's drinking water system or the water going into a military facility (such as Tampa's MacDill AFB, home of CENTCOM) in the middle of the night can be accomplished in less than two minutes through a Double Check valve. It certainly isn't as classy as flying passenger planes into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon - but it is easy to do, can be done by one person and will be just as deadly!

After watching the three videos, do you believe that Double Check valves violate any of the following anti-terrorism laws (or any others that you may know about) because they provide terrorists with direct access into a community's or military base's drinking water supply and the ability to contaminate it with easily available deadly chemicals and bio-toxins that will do large-scale harm!

Here are just a few of the possible anti-terrorism laws to consider:

  • 18 U.S. Code 2332a -- Use of weapons of mass destruction
  • 18 U.S.C. 2339A -- Providing material support to terrorists.
  • 18 U.S.C. 175 -- Prohibitions with respect to biological weapons.
  • P.L. 107-188 -- The Bioterrorism Act.
  • 18 U.S.C. 175c -- Direct transfer of Variola virus.
  • 42 U.S.C. 5195 -- The Critical Infrastructures Protection Act.
  • P.L. 107-56 1016 -- The Patriot Act.
  • 42 U.S.C. 300i-1-- Tampering with Public Water Systems.
A lawyer with the Hillsborough County Utilities Department has suggested that the valves couldn't possibly violate anti-terrorism laws because they weren't specifically designed for the purpose of providing direct access into a community's drinking water supply and therefore no federal organization would have standing to find the valves in violation of any anti-terrorism laws. Airplanes aren't designed to be taken over by terrorists and flown into skyscrapers but the federal government has surely made a lot of laws about that, like requiring the door into the cockpit to be lockable and very, very reinforced. Likewise, regulations have even been enacted that prohibit semi-automatic firearms, even though their civilian use is just to make sure that the squirrel is dead. I would submit that the federal government does indeed have the authority to protect citizens against a terrorist attack whether it comes by way of a passenger plane, a particular firearm or a Double Check valve. And if you don't think you have the authority now, just wait! You can bet the farm that you'll have it after the first terrorist contamination incident through a Double Check valve that causes mass injuries and deaths!

Please let me know if you believe that Double Check and RP (Reduced Pressure) backflow valves do violate federal anti-terrorism laws and will put that in writing so that the offending valves can be removed from state and local regulations. After all, the valves do provide a lone terrorist with direct access into a community's drinking water infrastructure to contaminate it. Or am I just a paranoid old fart with silly concerns that terrorists might fly passenger planes into skyscrapers in New York City and into the Pentagon, or that terrorists on an airplane might try to set off explosives hidden in their underwear or a shoe that would cause the plane to crash, or that terrorists would set off explosives at the end of a marathon in Boston, or that terrorists would contaminate a community's or military base's drinking water infrastructure by way of a Double Check backflow valve?

Thank you for your help!

David Brown
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