How To Contaminate the Hillsborough County Public Drinking Water System by way of an RP or Double Check Valve.

These videos were made several years ago when we were trying to get the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to specify the Dual Check valve for residential use. They did do that. So please ignore the lead-in and lead-out which were directed at the Florida DEP. But now the Hillsborough County Pulic Utilities Department has decided to ignore the cost and danger to consumers. The videos refer to RP valves, but the Double Checks have the same Test Ports that provide direct access into the public drinking water supply. In the video for the refrigerator cartridge method of contamination, I refer to hooking it up between Ports 1 & 4. Actually, for an RP valve, it should be connected between Ports 1 & 2. For the valves that Hillsborough County mandates for commercial entities, connecting the cartridge between Ports 1 & 4 will still work to contaminate the public drinking water supply! Mainly consider the technical aspects put forward in the videos about how to contaminate the water supply.

Here are links to videos showing three different ways to contaminate the public drinking water supply using an RP or Double Check valve.

As you view these videos, please bear in mind that I'm just the kid in the crowd and that it's the Hillsborough County Utilities Department that is the Emperor without any clothes!

Before 9-11, there were government analysts who warned their superiors about the potential of terrorists commandering passenger planes and flying them into skyscrapers. Unfortunately, their warnings were ignored. The events of 9-11 dramatically changed the federal governments viewpoint about domestic terrorism. The frequency of high-profile acts of terrorism has increased over the past decade particularly with the upsurge of homegrown terrorism in Europe (so far). Over-pressuring 55 gallons of chemicals or bio-toxins into a community's drinking water system in the middle of the night can be accomplished in less than two minutes through a Double Check valve. It certainly isn't as classy as flying passenger planes into the Pentagon and World Trade Centers - but it is easy to do, can be done by one person and can be just as deadly!


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