Smoking Gun Emails from Government Officials.


Here are a few of the emails from government officials and other authorities about my speaking out and my demonstrating the vulnerabilities and dangers of Above-the-ground Backflow Valves.

"[Brown's] reasoning is if [RP valves] are that dangerous that we don't want him showing it, then they shouldn't be in people's yards."
    Stacy Williams, Community Relations Coordinator, Hillsborough County.

"Bob DeCecco [Cross-Connection Control Coordinator] of Building Services is contacting FDLE [Florida Department of Law Enforcement] and Homeland Security and reporting him to them, because he continues to publish these demonstrations."
    Stacy Williams, Community Relations Coordinator, Hillsborough County.

"I asked the Sheriff's Office this weekend to contact Homeland Security regarding Mr. Brown's activities."
    Wally Hill, Assistant County Administrator, Hillsborough County.

"… we will be speaking with this individual [Brown] at the next cross connection control meeting to ensure our concerns are voiced regarding his e-mail & possible FDLE [Florida Department of Law Enforcement] involvement if he should continue this effort."
    Cindy Morris, Environmental Administrator, Hillsborough County Health Department.

"I would also refer the email to Law Enforcement as I have done by copy of this email to our DEP contact at Emergency Response. Van - P.S. Phil [Wieczynski] would [you] take a look at this and forward to the appropriate contacts you have in law enforcement?"
    Van Hoofnagle Administrator, Drinking Water Program, Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

"It is not appropriate to provide this information widely. It puts our water supplies at risk. Water suppliers are very much aware of this risk. This matter has been turned over to our water security division for further investigation."
    Patti Kay Wisniewski, Drinking Water Security Coordinator, Mid-Atlantic Section, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

"From a water system perspective, [Brown’s] demonstration is informative, but not new to the professionals who operate our systems."
    Paul Vanderploog, Director, Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department.

"I'm sure everyone at this meeting [of the Cross-Connection Control Board] already knows the principle he is going to demonstrate." Peter Aluotto, Director, Hillsborough County Planning and Growth Management. "The problem with this demonstration of his is not for coaching terrorists, as they have no doubt already conceived this procedure, but rather of vandals and disgruntled staff or neighbors that hadn't yet figured out how to harm a few people with water."
    Bob Vincent, Environmental Administrator, Environmental Health Division, Florida Department of Health.

"However, what really bothers me are Mr. Brown's questions to Andy Reich [Aquatic Toxins Program Coordinator, Florida Department of Health] concerning the capacity of aquatic toxins to induce damage within the Hillsborough County's water system. It appears he is asking and willing to spread information to others concerning the vulnerability of the Hillsborough County water system."
    Stacy Williams, Community Relations Coordinator, Hillsborough County.

"FYI on this article that came out in the Observer News on backflow preventers. As expected, it's not very pretty, in fact it even gives some detail how they can be opened which is what we were attempting to prevent."
    Stacy Williams, Community Relations Coordinator, Hillsborough County.

"What concerns us the most is that his demonstrations of how to open the preventers continue. [The Sun City Center Courier] even disturbingly has a picture of him introducing a foreign substance into the device to show how easy it is."
    Stacy Williams, Community Relations Coordinator, Hillsborough County.

"Almost every home and building within a public water system has unprotected access to the distribution system; one sociopath who understands hydraulics and has access to a drum of toxic chemicals could inflict serious damage pretty quickly to a water supply system in a neighborhood or pressure zone without detection in most communities."
    Gay Porter Denileon, "The Who, What, Why, and How of Counter Terrorism Issues", Journal of the AWWA, May 2001.

"His web site is pretty accurate."
    Cindy Morris, Environmental Administrator, Hillsborough County Health Department.


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